7 benefits of staying hydrated

Drinking water is a necessary part of maintaining organ and brain functionality. Beyond obligatory survival reasons, considering your water intake is also beneficial in your overall health and fitness journey. We're going to share with you 7 reasons tracking and meeting your ideal water intake will be of interest to you. But first, what is the recommended intake?

Drinking the right amount of water 

Many health practitioners recommend the 8x8 rule: approximately eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. However, a generalization is not an accurate measurement as each individual has a varied body composition and fat burning capabilities. The FitTrack Dara is an asset to measure the 17 key body indicators needed to track weight-loss and muscle gain, including body water %. You'll be able to modify your fluid intake with more factors including your health, environment, pregnancy and amount of exercise. Once you are able to determine the proper amount of water you should be ingesting for your body, let's look at how it will benefit you: 

1. Keeps your body temperature normal

Do you struggle with regulating your body temperature? Exercise and hot environments cause your body to lose fluids through your sweat glands. Drinking water replenishes that loss and cools the body down. 

2. Boosts your metabolism

Your metabolism relies on being properly hydrated to run smoothly. If you let yourself drop into a state of dehydration by even 1%, your metabolism will significantly drop.

3. Makes minerals and nutrients accessible for different parts of the body

Minerals and nutrients have hundreds of positive capabilities for the body including healing wounds and upping your immune system. It's important to drink the proper amount of water to use nutrients and minerals' full potential. On the other side, if minerals like calcium aren't being distributed to the body, there can be harmful effects such as bladder and kidney stones. 

4. Removes constipation

Drink plenty of water or face constipation and stool that's hard to pass! Water keeps the colon hydrated. 

5. Improves athletic performance

According to the Journal of Sport and Heath Science, dehydration has a negative effect on athletic performance after 15 seconds or more of exertion. 

6. Lubricates and cushions joints

Water helps retain optimum levels of moisture in the joints, keeping sensitive areas such as the spinal cord safe.

7. Boosts energy levels

Without proper hydration, the flow of oxygen to the brain is impacted. When your heart is forced to work harder, you'll feel drained and groggy. Drink water to heighten your energy levels.