About FitTrack

We at FitTrack are dedicated to bringing you the latest fitness technology. It is our goal to increase everyone's insight and gain a deeper understanding of one's own body, as we take weight measuring on a whole new level. 

We realize that understanding your body is how you achieve success


We knew we had the chance to enact real change

We’re cutting the fat from the health industry

We make health tracking easy

Change is real and is fitting for you


Feed our community

For every FitTrack hardware sold, FitTrack uses a portion of the proceed to engage diverse organizations, leaders and volunteers in actions that foster sound nutrition and good physical activity in children, youth and schools.

fittrack 30

30 Days, risk-free trial

We give you 30 days to try it on us. Don't love it? Send us a message and we will give you a full refund..


Lifetime Warranty

We believe in our product so much, we're giving our users a lifetime warranty for our product with our fitcare lifetime warranty.