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How do I connect my scale?

New Account

  • Download the latest version of the FitTrack MyHealth app
  • Register an account on FitTrack MyHealth
  • Make sure the Bluetooth function is on and that your device is set to “discoverable”
  • Open your FitTrack MyHealth app
  • Option 1: In the My Day Tab, select Add device (top right corner) → Select Search → Select your scale (Dara/ Beebo) → Select Connect
  • Option 2: Select Profile → Connected Devices → Select Search → Select Scale → Connect to Device

Existing Account

  • Open your FitTrack MyHealth app
  • Log in with your credentials (or the app will keep you logged in)
  • Option 1: The Scale will automatically connect to the App if previously connected (Your status will read Connected)
  • Option 2: The scale will be displayed at the top of the app along with a connect option → Select Connect
  • Option 3: In the My Day Tab → select Add device (top right corner) → Select Search → Select Dara Scale→ Select Connect
  • Option 4: Select Profile → Connected Devices → Search for Devices → Select Dara/ Beebo Scale → Connect to Device
I am unable to connect the scale. What can I do?
  • Ensure you have our latest app version downloade
  • Verify that your phone’s Bluetooth function is on
  • Verify your connection status at the top of the main page. You will see a connected status and a green checkmark if your scale is connected correctly.
  • If you do not see a connected status with a green checkmark, please try the following:
  1. Force close the FitTrack MyHealth app.
  2. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Turn Bluetooth off, then turn it back on.
  3. On your Scale, remove batteries and put them back in to reset the scale (scale should flash then show 0.0 for weight)
  4. Open your FitTrack MyHealth app
  5. Select connect or Add device (top right corner), or the scale will connect automatically
  6. Success
Does The FitTrack Scale Sync With Android and iOS?

Yes! We support Apple iOS 10 or higher and Android OS 5.0 and higher.

What is the maximum weight supported?

FitTrack Dara can measure and track up to 400 pounds (181.437 kilograms).

How does the scale register data of different family members?

Each user can sync their own smartphone or share a single fitness app and create profiles in Family Management (Up to 8 Users). If users only have individual profiles in the app, the scale will only sync data to each person’s device. The syncing is performed by the app instantly when you step on the scale.